Mentorship at St Catherine Gaturi Girls High School

The bright morning of Friday, July 14th, 2023, marked the beginning of a truly inspiring day at St Catherine Gaturi Girls High School in Kiharu constituency, Murang’a County. A catholic sponsored educational hub, this institution, nestled on 28-acres of verdant land, is a nurturing haven for over 500 bright young girls.

As the day broke with a warm and radiant dawn, it embraced the immaculately maintained school, revealing a serene environment that was both clean and tranquil. Beautiful girls, dressed neatly, contributed to the orderly ambiance, their respectful demeanors mirroring the calm surroundings. The warmth of the day was complemented by an equally warm welcome from the school’s Principal, Mrs. Agnes Maina. Her charismatic presence was infectious, and it was easy to see the strong bond of respect and admiration that she shared with both the students and the staff.

The keynote speaker for the day was Ms. Rosemary Mburu, a public health policy and advocacy expert.  Ms Mburu is currently the Executive Director for WACI Health a Pan-African health advocacy organization headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. She is also the founder of Nuggets of Life, a mentorship program dedicated to providing support and guidance to young individuals, equipping them to enhance their personal and career development. Ms Mburu  guided the eager learners through an intriguing talk on self-growth and vision. She shed light on three key points:

Afterwards, the gathering transitioned to a soul-stirring Eucharistic Celebration led by Reverend Father Mwangi. The angelic voices of the school choir resonated through the premises, harmoniously intertwined with graceful liturgical dancing. This heavenly ambience deeply moved every attendee, reinforcing the spiritual foundation of the school.

The day progressed towards an eventful conclusion with the inauguration ceremony of the school’s prefects. This ceremony signified the bestowal of leadership responsibilities upon the chosen girls, acknowledging their dedication and hard work. It served as the perfect ending to a day brimming with enlightenment and empowerment.

The echoes of the day’s insights will continue to inspire the girls of St Catherine Gaturi Girls High School, shaping them into the proactive and principled leaders of tomorrow.

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