Hello and welcome to Nuggets of Life – a deep exploration of the human spirit as taught to us by ordinary people in the streets of life around the world, who do extraordinary things to serve their families, their countries and our common humanity.

My name is Rosemary Mburu, a fellow traveler in this journey of life. I will visit different locales around the world and bring you travelogues whose heroines and heroes, I hope, can nourish your bodies minds and souls.

Every travel reminds us of the epic beauty our world has to offer. How we connect with the incredible people who populate the earth is, however, what really inspires me. In my travel, I continuously seek new conversations that reshape my thinking and perspectives. I have been to many places that have fueled my appreciation of life and humanity in all diversity.

The people and places I connect with in my travels leave me abundantly filled by the ingeniousness of women and men and the depth of the human spirit. Nuggets of Life will seek to take you with me on my journeys across the world to see and meet those incredible people and places. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!